Handelsagentur Klaus Benecke


The Klaus Benecke trading agency

After 24 years of working as a job coater in the automotive sector, the Klaus Benecke trading agency was founded in 2011. As a partner for the production of all components of a powder coating system, we have a partnership with the Greek manufacturer Kigo O.E. founded and has since realized over 180 projects.


Quality and competence

We continually work with our partners on new developments that open up greater opportunities for our customers. We have successfully developed a flexible concept for large and small parts coating systems with which our customers can cover almost the entire spectrum of a contract coater in the smallest of areas

automated powder coating system

Batch reactor in surface technology


We like to take on new challenges in an increasingly demanding market. Environmental considerations and energy efficiency are taken into account when designing our systems. Economical ovens, optionally also with hybrid technology, play just as important a role as the careful use of resources in chemical pretreatment.

Customer proximity and service

Quality and price determine our success. We are not order recipients - we are partners in enforcing customer specifications.
Our competent and friendly employees look forward to helping you.