Powder booth

In a powder booth, electrically conductive materials are usually coated using electrostatically charged powder paints. The coating process can take place manually or fully automatically. The overspray can be recovered via our powder center. If color changes are frequent and throughput is low, it is recommended to work without recovery.

Our powder booths are made of stainless steel or PVC depending on customer requirements. The size of the booths depends on the customer's component sizes and is adjusted accordingly.


  • Powder recovery
  • Cabin with floor suction
  • Open or closed booths
  • Automatic booths with recovery
  • Pass-through booths with hand coating
  • Closed large booth for large parts
  • walk-in powder booth
  • closed powder booth
  • A powder booth for coating workpieces, which is vacuumed over the floor during over-spraying
  • automatic powder booth
  • automated coating system
  • open booth for powder coating