Pre-treatment systems

Proper and professional pretreatment forms the basis for the highest coating quality. Our plants are built according to the requirements for cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, pickling and conversion treatment. In pre-treatment systems, workpieces are first degreased and cleaned. Depending on the requirements, a corrosion protection layer or conversion layer is applied and then, if necessary, rinsing zones. Then, if necessary, passivated, phosphated or neutralized.

The pre-treatment systems are manufactured and completely pre-assembled so that they are delivered in the largest possible modules. This significantly reduces assembly time when installing on site.
Multi-zone systems are planned and implemented in coordination with the chemical suppliers.

  • chemical pretreatment for powder coating
  • chemical pretreatment with rinsing ring for powder coating
  • System for degreasing workpieces
  • Walk-in cleaning cubicle
  • Plant for cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, pickling and conversion treatment
  • 3 zone system for chemical pretreatment during powder coating
  • Process instructions for chemical pretreatment